Following the lack of interest in the post of District Minister, The YUU Exec Committee decided to explore a different approach to district support and have a Development Administrator.

A working group from the Executive Committee worked hard to create a job description and define the terms and conditions for a DDA.

The good news now is that Steve Bisby has been contracted to support the YUU and its congregations.

Steve is a Unitarian living in South Yorkshire, his wife Stephanie is about to start training for the Unitarian ministry – we were pleased to meet both of them at the summer gathering.

As the title suggests this is a flexible post that covers the routines of administration and the imaginative realms of development.

Any church wanting admin help should contact Jen Atkinson or Christine Dawson with their request.

Steve, after only a few weeks, has done a lot of work on the YUU web site – do check this out at:

If you have any events coming up you want to advertise please send details directly to him at

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