It’s that time of year again when if you are there you will not be reading this and if you are not you have a sense of feeling home alone and what am I missing out on!

What are we talking about? Yes, it’s the annual Summer School at Great Hucklow where the Unitarian Denomination meet up for a series of workshops, networking events, services, epilogues and talks based on the theme of the week.

The theme for the 2018 Summer School is:-

‘How, Then, Shall We Live? – Living, Dying, and Considering Our Legacy’

3 talks from this year’s event have just been released on to the Summer School website:-

The Sunday Service by Sheena Gabriel
Talk 1 by Jane Blackall
Talk 2 by Michael Allured

Each talk is around an hour long, so it gives the speaker a chance to go in to more depth than the usual services address.

The talks can now be listened to on your PC, Tablet or phone by visiting the following link:-

Helen Simpson and Rob Gregson

The talks can now be listened to on your PC, Tablet or phone by visiting the following link:- 

The other 3 talks released on the website from this year’s event by Sheena Gabriel, Jane Blackall and Michael Allured are also still available on the link above.

Not only this year’s, but there are various talks from the last 10 years available on the website for you to have a listen to.

Past topics have included:-

2017 Theme Talks: ‘Walk Your Path with Joy’
2014 Theme Talks: ‘The Authentic Self’
2008 Theme Talks: ‘Reclaiming the Language of Faith’ 

Also on the Summer School website you can find links to the history of the school, find out its mission, look at the programme of events and view the gallery to see if you can spot anybody you know.

In time there will be the 2019 application form if you want to go and join in next year.

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