Friday Lunchtime Concert – 31 May 2024

FRIDAY LUNCHTIME CONCERT 31st May at 12.30 p.m at York Unitarians

£6 on the door for tickets.

This Friday’s concert features Nina Kumin, who is an improvising baroque violinist based in York.
Here is a description of her concert – a little audience participation as you will see!

From Bach to Schubert: The evolution of solo violin dances

Showcasing singing melodies, technical flair and contrasting characters, unaccompanied violin music has remained popular throughout history. From its origins in baroque dance teaching, the solo violin remained a favoured instrument choice for dance music even into the nineteenth century. Placing a spotlight on the number and variety of dances in unaccompanied violin music, this programme will include old favourites by Bach as well as some less well-known classical and romantic examples by Campagnoli, Rode and Schubert. As baroque violinists also frequently improvised such pieces, this recital will end with a historically-inspired improvisation based on a theme from the audience!

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