YUU Executive Committee Meeting Review

– 16 Nov 2022


The latest meeting of the YUU Executive Committee was perhaps the most productive and exciting I’ve been to yet. In true Unitarian fashion, we immediately deviated from the usual meeting structure and began by agreeing the time and date of the next meet. We then planned out our 2023 calendar in full, much to the relief of forward-planners.


Topics discussed during the meeting included the progress made towards getting a Unitarian burial ground and nature space, revamping the orangery at Westgate Unitarian Chapel, Scarborough’s upcoming Safeguarding training and ‘Mental Health SOS’ session, and the creation of a sustainability-focused motion for 2023’s General Assembly.

We agreed on a £50 allowance for individuals who require worship leading materials (on a request basis), and to make a £200 grant available to each congregation for books and other resources. We also agreed to create a new, dedicated email address for the YUU.

The main topic of discussion was outreach – or rather the barriers that stop chapels from doing it successfully. Every congregation struggles to attract and keep members. Chapels are challenged by the idea of ‘evangelising’, however there is a great need to bolster Unitarian numbers. The only way to do this is through targeted, well-planned outreach – and being ready to do something different. It was suggested that the YUU could become a hub for outreach strategy. To explore this further and create concrete plans, the YUU will hold an Outreach Brainstorming day at York Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel (pencilled in for February 11th ). All are welcome.


Review by Exec Committee member Laura Cox.

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