Unitarian Job Vacancies - Oct 2018

2 Unitarian Jobs Available

2 jobs have been announced in 199th issue of the Uni News email.

Please click on the links below if you require further information or wish to apply for the posts.


1. Recruitment of Chief Officer

The post of Chief Officer of The General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches has now been advertised.

The Chief Officer will provide transformational leadership and support to the General Assembly in the promotion of Unitarian values and beliefs. The role will lead on:

  • Creating and implementing a long-term transformational strategy for the GA in order to support the growth of Unitarianism and Free Religion
  • Developing an external communications strategy to raise the public profile of the work of the General Assembly and its members.
  • Working with ecumenical and interfaith leaders and other groups to promote cooperation and freedom of belief.
  • Cultivating good internal communications with Unitarians and Free Christians across Great Britain.

Further information on the position and how to apply can be found on the recruitment page on the General Assembly website https://www.unitarian.org.uk/pages/recruitment

Please note the deadline for application is 19 October 2018.


2. Job vacancy – Cross Street Chapel, Manchester

Cross Street Chapel, Manchester are recruiting for a Chapel Administrator. Sixteen hours per week. £10,816 per annum. (Variable hours: four days or evenings out of seven).

 For further information and an application form: Please contact: keeper@crossstchapel.org.uk

 Closing date for applications: 24 September 2018