Two new books from the Lindsey Press

Both books will be launched on Tuesday 16th April at the GA Annual Meetings. The books can be bought from the bookstall at the meetings, by ordering from UK Headquarters (Tel. 020 7240 2384 – pay by card) and from major online booksellers.


Unitarian Women: A Legacy of Dissent


Edited by Ann Peart with contributions from other writers, this book celebrates the pioneering achievements of Unitarian women who made a difference in their world – as writers and artists, social reformers, educators and politicians, preachers and ministers, suffrage activists, peace campaigners – for 200 years from the mid-18th century.

As Unitarians, they dissented from the orthodox doctrines of their time; as women, they dissented from the restricted cultural roles prescribed for them by society. They were supported by networks of friends – both men and women – and this book traces some of those interconnections across the UK.


Fragments of Holiness – for Daily Reflection


Compiled by Catherine Robinson, this is a new genre for the Lindsey Press and one that should be attractive and useful for many Unitarians.

In this book you will find reflective texts for every day of the year – many by Unitarians, past and present, but also insights from other faiths, writers, poets and radical social thinkers.

This is a book that is designed for personal reflection, for group discussion and for worship stimulus and content.