Spring Gathering Takes Place In Bradford

On Saturday 7th March 2020 the Yorkshire Unitarian Union held their spring gathering at the home of Bradford Unitarians.

About 20 people from around the Yorkshire area met up for spiritual reflections, lunch and an afternoon workshop.


First up Stephanie Bisby and Chris Carr led the opening devotions where there was a bit of audience participation as people were invited to come up to the front placing a pebble by the flower display whilst informing the room of a one word answer to the question, “What is going to inspire you today?”


A quick general meeting took place which included a discussion regarding the 4 motions being presented at the Unitarian’s Annual Meetings in April this year.


A bring and share lunch followed with plenty of sandwiches, cake and chat to fill the time up.


The afternoon session was led by Helen Mason (Director of Unitarian College). Helen gave an introduction to Unitarian College and what it is currently doing and what it’s plans are to grow in the coming years and how it aims to help everyone in the movement not just student ministers.

Again there was a spot of audience participation when they could take part in a section delivered to trainee ministers looking at what people believed in.

The session was wrapped up with an question and answer session.

Stephanie brought the day to a close with the closing devotions.

The next YUU gathering will take place on Saturday 4th July 2020 at Scarborough Unitarians.


Keep an eye out on the YUU website https://unitariansinyorkshire.wordpress.com/ for more details regarding day’s timetable.