Reflection and Prayer – For all those whose work is valuable and shows true love and commitment

Delivered by our YUU chairperson at the GA Annual Meetings, Birmingham, April 2022.

Sometimes it can feel we are bogged down with procedures and so forth. Sometimes it’s with workloads, other times it’s the thankless tasks
with little credit (Any long suffering church treasurers will know exactly what I’m talking about!)

But if we get it right and are true to our meaning, our vision and our mission, then the work we do here, in our districts and our churches is as valuable and spirit filled as an address, a hymn, a meditation or a Sunday service.

Here is short prayer including at least some of those, all those whose work is valuable and shows true love and commitment.

Let us give thanks for:
The meeting organisers
The secretaries and letter writers
The minute takers
The small-change counters
The safeguarding officers
Those website wonks and brave Zoom managers
The article writers
The flower arrangers
The meeters and greeters
The biscuit providers
The gloved washer-uppers
Those who dust, mop and vacuum
The chair stackers
The car lift givers
The hand holders
Those with a spare tissue for tears,
And the keyholders, there long before you arrive
and long after you leave.
May we give thanks and praise for all those working to make this our world a better place.

Chris Carr.

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