Radical Roots ❤️✊🇬🇧 John Trevor

John Trevor – Liverpool-born Christian Socialist, Unitarian minister, and founder of the Labour Church.

Born in Liverpool in 1855, his parents died while he was still a child and he was raised by his deeply religious grandmother. Trevor lost his faith in his early 20s, but rediscovered it through Unitarian minister Philip Wicksteed and soon became a Unitarian minister himself.

A committed socialist, Trevor founded the Labour Church, combining Christianity and Socialism, in Manchester in 1891 – with branches opening across the north of England and beyond. The Church attracted leading figures of the day including the Labour politician Keir Hardie. Trevor put his beliefs into practice, running a homeless shelter and supporting poor children in Deansgate, Manchester. He died in 1930 and was buried in Highgate Cemetery, London.

Find out more about John Trevor here: https://spartacus-educational.com/REtrevor.htm

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