Radical Roots ❤️✊🇬🇧 Henry Redhead Yorke


Henry Redhead Yorke – Barbudan English radical writer and publicist, jailed in Dorchester Castle for the “expression of revolutionary sentiments”.

Born on the Caribbean island of Barbuda, Henry was the son of a woman freed from slavery and an English slave-owner father. He was educated in England and became involved in radical politics, campaigning for democracy, the abolition of slavery, and other liberal causes.

Henry became involved in radical Unitarian circles in Sheffield and was a regular attender of Upper Chapel Sheffield – Unitarian. Imprisoned by the state from 1795-98 for his political views, after his release he disavowed both radical politics and Unitarianism. Despite this, he made a huge contribution to the cause of freedom.

Henry died in London in 1813. His son, Henry Galgacus Redhead Yorke, became one of the first black Members of Parliament.

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