Job Vacancy - Hull Unitarians

Hull Unitarians Administrator

Permanent part time position
Closing Date for applications 3 November 2018
Please consider the following post with Hull Unitarians and circulate to any family members or friends who you think might be interested and have the required qualifications.
Enquiries: Email or call 01482 224 662 between 10.30 am and noon. If unanswered please leave your contact details.
Please note that applications must be received by email or mail to the church by 3 November 2018 because the committee wishes to interview, employ and induct by 21 November 21 2018.


1. Suitable qualifications in office administration and secretarial skills;
2. Skilled in the use of the full MS office software suite;
3. Values of tolerance, respect, and equality in accordance with those of the church community;
4. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and independently to achieve agreed goals;
5. Demonstrated ability to be the first contact point for all enquiries by email, phone or in person and to make appropriate referrals;
6. Able to receipt income using established reporting forms, and pay in banking;
Skill in organising special events (about six per year) including inductions, farewells, social events, Congregational meetings, and Unitarian workshops. This includes issuing invitations, receipt of fees, correspondence, and ordering.
Able to undertake occasional weekend work for special events (up to 6 times per year)
Experience in administrative tasks associated with managing a project.
NOTE: Applicants who do not demonstrate the 6 essential qualifications in their application will not be considered.



7.5 hours per week at £10 per hour; with 5.6 weeks leave, equating to 42 hours per annum (to include bank holidays), to be taken in consultation with the Minister and the Honorary Secretary. You are also eligible for statutory sick leave (see
The work will be undertaken primarily at the church preferably on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.
Once you are established in your role, some work may be undertaken from home by mutual agreement.
Six or less times a year there will be a special or a congregational meeting on a Sunday afternoon at which attendance would be desirable. This will be additional hours paid at the usual hourly rate.
Probation period – 3 months
Notice period – 3 months for the employer and 1 month for the employee


you will:
Be the first contact point for all enquiries by email, phone or in person and to make appropriate referrals;
Liaise effectively with tenants including maintaining a bookings diary and preparing a monthly summary of bookings of church usage for the accountant;
Receive income using established reporting forms and pay into the bank;
Gather and compile material to produce brochures and pamphlets for approval by the Secretary or delegate;
Assist the minister with publicity for the church including liaison with journalists and the media;
Keep the building secure by maintaining a register of key holders and liaising with the key holder security service;
Maintain a register of members and friends of the church;
Assist with appointments with maintenance and other contractors;
Arrange meetings of trustees and maintaining a record of decisions;
Organise various events (about ten per year) including inductions, farewells, social events, the Making meaning seminars, and Unitarian workshops. This includes issuing invitations, receipt of fees, correspondence and ordering of equipment and catering.
Maintain a register of insurances, safety inspections, copyright exemptions and other contracts and advise the Secretary in a timely manner when contracts are due for renewal;
Liaise with charities that the church supports and especially for arrangements for their representatives to attend charity coffee mornings;
Assist the minister to order supplies for worship and other church activities;
Assist the minister to compile and publish and distribute the monthly newsletter;
Assist with the publication and distribution of the quarterly magazine;
Load articles to the church web site.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list and other reasonable duties may be required to be undertaken at various times.
October 2018