YUU Time Together – 24 Feb 2021

We have changed the title from “Social Time,” which suggests chats drinks and games;  to “Time Together,” which better reflects what we do. 

We open the space with a lit chalice and some prayer or reflection, then have time for sharing on a theme.

A song, picture, poem, short story, music and some time for chat on the theme and what the sharing brings for us.

Then we move to a short time of candles for joys and concerns before closing with a prayer or reflection then opening the space for social chit chat.

Theme – Beginnings Of Lent
What does it mean to you?, Why do we do it?
What things have you given up this year?
What have you given up previously?

Bring, share, reflect. Or just sit and be as you are.



Topic: YUU Time Together
Meeting ID: 834 7088 6465
Passcode: 991080

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