A Look Back At Heritage Weekend

A busy time was had by all in the YUU area over the 7-9 September Heritage Open Days.

6 Chapels were open with all of them reporting successful events with lively conversations taking part.


A horrible wet day greeted visitors to York but that did not dampen spirits as visitor numbers made the day worthwhile and one conversation leading to a possible wedding booking in the future.



Whitby chapel came to life again over the Heritage weekend with over 90 visitors during the 2 days it was open.

There was still time for a photo though. The picture below shows from left to right: Barry Atkinson, the new President of Whitby Civic Society, Eileen Brewster, chapel treasurer, myself and standing behind, Betty Bayliss, member of WCS and organiser of the Whitby HOD.


The congregation were kept that busy at Lydgate with nearly 40 people popping in over the two days it was open they did not have time to take a photograph.

But here is the chapel in all its glory below.


Wakefield Westgate

Wakefield Westgate ran 2 events over the Heritage weekend, both led by Paul Lindsay Dawson.

The first one:- People and Places had a tour of the catacombs and discussed who was who in Wakefield Unitarian history.

The second event was titled ‘Better Smeg Than Dead’ and looked at the Theology of Red Dwarf, or more correctly the Church of Judas.


Leeds – Mill Hill

Opposite to our friends in York visitors to Leeds Mill Hill got to see the chapel in all its sunlit glory.

They were entertained by Michael accompanying Erik who was singing Schubert.


Shelf – Pepper Hill

Pepper Hill were busy putting on a fine spread for their visitors.

If you have never been to any of these chapels remember to put Heritage Weekend 2019 in your diary or just turn one to one of their Sunday services where you will be given a warm welcome.